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Lester Levenson's Amazing Story

“I was born July 19, 1909 in Elizabeth, New Jersey into a middle class family as a very shy person. I tried to do things the way they were supposed to be done—doing the right thing, getting a good education, and being the best in my field. My natural inclination was towards science. Especially the science of the world, and of man himself. I graduated from Rutgers University in 1931 as a physicist, after which I worked 20 some years in physics and engineering.

”I also went into various businesses, including restaurants, lumber, building, and oil, intertwined with engineering, wanting to make money—wanting to make it in the world. At that time, I did not know what I now know—that what I was seeking was actually the answers to life itself. And nothing that I had worked at would give me that answer. As the years went by, I became heavy with depression and with sickness. By 1952, I had been through constant illness—I even had jaundice three or so times a year. I had an enlarged liver, kidney stones, spleen trouble, hyper- and hypo-acidity, ulcers that perforated and formed lesions, and to top it off, I had at least 10 years of migraine headaches.

“This all culminated in 1952 when I had my second coronary thrombosis.

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After the second coronary, I was told I would not live much longer—that I might die any day and shouldn’t make the effort to take so much as a step unless I necessarily had to. I was extremely fearful of dying, but I said to myself, “You're still breathing, Lester—there is still a chance.” So I sat down and began thinking on an “around-the-clock” basis. I had been considered a very smart boy. I always made the honor roll. I had been the recipient of a four-year scholarship to Rutgers back in the days when not many scholarships were handed out. But then, being told after my second heart attack that I wouldn’t live, I said to myself,

“Lester, you are stupid, stupid, stupid.”

“Having lived 42 or so years, and having reached the end of the line without happiness, without health; therefore all this knowledge you have accumulated is of no avail. I had studied Watson's behavior in the ’30s and Freud’s in the late ’30s and early ’40s. I had studied the philosophies. I had studied logic. I studied economics. I studied all the major fields of man, and with all that knowledge there; I was at the end of the line. This made me realize that...

“The Accumulated Knowledge of Man Was of No Use.”

“So I decided to start from scratch. Forget all that knowledge. Begin from point 0 and see what you can pick up. So I posed some pretty basic questions and asked myself what I really wanted out of life.

"I began to get some answers. Investigating further, I made some startling discoveries. And I started getting better.

"I began correcting all my thoughts and feelings in that direction. And in that process, I discovered I was getting happier, freer, lighter, and feeling better in general. I continued until all the ailments I had in my physical body corrected. All my miseries dropped away. And I ended up in a place in which I was happy all the time, without sorrow.

“Not that the world stopped pushing against me. It continued, but I was at a place where I could resolve things almost immediately. Having cleared out the negative fears, all the negative ‘I cannot’s,’ I would focus right on the answer to every problem, and get it very quickly.

And so,

My whole life turned around from being depressed and sick, to being happy and in perfect health all the time!

“One of the things that happened in this process was my identification with others. I saw that we are all related we are all inter-connected—each mind is like a radio broadcasting and receiving station. That we are all tuned into each other unconsciously—that we are just not aware of it. That life was meant to be beautiful... meant to be happy all the time with no sorrow. And to be with perfect health. And so after reaching that high point of understanding in 1952, I have wanted to help others to discover what I had discovered.”

“I Believe if I Can Do It, Anyone Can Do It.”

Over the remaining 42 years of Lester's life, he attracted thousands of students to his work—not because he spent time and money marketing his discovery, but because he was a living example of the possibility you and I possess when we learn to set our ego aside.

The reason so many of us fail to reach our goals is not due to a lack of effort.  It is because we produce in our outer world what we hold in our inner world.  If I desire more money, I reaffirm in my mind that I don't not “have enough,” and it is lack that I create. 

Positive thinking alone does not change this.  You must learn to release the associated feelings.  And when you do, you also learn to let go of the thousands of thoughts you have associated with the feeling.  This frees you to see more opportunity, to experience greater happiness regardless of outcomes and literally attract into your life what you want.

It is our desires, our wants, that prevent not only happiness, but prevent our producing the results we seek in our life. 

The results include:

  • Less stress
  • More financial abundance
  • Deeper, more loving relationships
  • Better health, wellness and vitality
  • Career success
  • Peace, happiness
  • and more 

Happiness and success in life have nothing to do with hard work, education or what you “have” to begin with.  Happiness and success are equally available to everyone when you learn how to “release” the blocks, the thoughts and feelings, of limitation you hold.  It is literally as effortless as holding a pen and letting it fall to the floor!

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