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Get Motivated!

For 30 years, I've been a fan of inspiring and motivational books and tapes. As a salesman, with territories such as western Pennsylvania, or southern Michigan, or northern Ohio, I had a lot of windshield time.

It was also difficult to keep a radio station tuned in while travelling such long distances. Audio tapes were a logical choice and I chose to get myself pumped up to make a sales call with motivational and sales tapes (self-help audio).

Zig ZiglarZig Ziglar was the first motivational and sales speaker I was exposed to—and at a head hunter's office, no less! I have listened to his tapes hundreds of times, and even had the privilege of seeing him in person a few times.

I like the way I feel after listening to Zig, and I want to share that feeling with you!

Many other people have traveled with me in my sales territory, sharing their wisdom with me and making me a better person. Denis Waitley. Wayne Dyer. Stephen Covey. Earl Nightingale. Tony Robins. W. Clement Stone. Dr. Maxwell Maltz. Roger Dawson. Patricia Fripp. Napoleon Hill.

Nightingale-Conant supplied me with many of the tapes that I own and they have an even better selection today. Click here to begin your journey of inspiration.